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President Obama Grants Glamour an Interview

Glamour Editor in chief Cindi Leive sat down with the President for an interview that will appear in the magazine’s November issue. It is not the first time Obama has sat down with Glamour — he did so in 2008, along with John McCain — but it is his first time as a sitting president…. Read more »

Digital Editions Booming for Condé Nast

Since entering the App business in May, Condé Nast is reporting 242,000 digital downloads of its eight available titles, which include Allure, Glamour, Golf Digest, GQ, Self, The New Yorker, Wired, and Vanity Fair.  This number includes digital subscriptions, single copy purchases, and print subscribers who chose to add digital additions to their packages.  This… Read more »

Blake Glistens in Glamour's Summer Beauty Issue

Hot weather has your make-up melting and your hair begging for some H2O?  Grab the July issue of Glamour for 25 of their most-trusted summer beauty tips.  Find complete outfits for your wardrobe for less than $100!  And while you’re lounging on a beach chair, browse through 100 Do’s and Don’ts of Summer and gossip… Read more »

Glamour Kicks Off Trade Advertising Campaign

Seventy-year-old Glamour magazine will launch a trade advertising and publicity campaign, designed to better define their audience for media buyers and potential advertisers.  The campaign includes outdoor advertising in key cities like NYC, Los Angeles and Detroit, plus guerilla marketing efforts, such as distributing girly Glamour cupcakes around Bryant Park during Fashion Week in New… Read more »

India the New HotSpot for Niche Magazines

Niche magazines are aggressively growing in India’s media industry.  One possible explanation is that Indian media laws restrict foreign equity to 26% in the news segment, but allow 100% foreign equity in non-news and non-current affairs speciality magazines.  “Foreign publications can have more on-the-ground reporting on the international scene.  An Indian magazine doesn’t have the… Read more »