Publisher Financial Services

Complete newsstand circulation services

PFS Reporting System

CMG’s publisher financial system and financial reporting packages offer clients numerous improvements from the financial reporting tools that have been traditionally used by national distributors.

Among the benefits are:

  • daily returns reporting
  • more timely non-sales transactions
  • more detailed transaction classification
  • enhanced monthly financial reporting packages

Easy-to-read remittances clearly report: publisher billing value, on- and off-sale dates, publisher non-sales transactions and post final sales activity details. These features, along with downloading, email-reporting, and online reporting capabilities, make CMG’s financial system a complete financial analysis and forecasting tool, in addition to a reporting and payment system.

Affidavit Returns System Integrity

CMG provides wholesale service audits and financial audits at every level of distribution to ensure the integrity of the affidavit returns system. These audits:

  • Have led to the recovery of tens of millions of dollars for CMG clients over the years;
  • Yield monthly documentation of publisher credits;
  • Are based upon distribution records, review of billing records, publisher pricing adherence reviews, flow of inventory analysis, inspection of returns process, on-site service verifications, among other methodologies;
  • and Extend to RDA administrators to monitor compliance with RDA program requirements.