President Obama Grants Glamour an Interview

Glamour Editor in chief Cindi Leive sat down with the President for an interview that will appear in the magazine’s November issue. It is not the first time Obama has sat down with Glamour — he did so in 2008, along with John McCain — but it is his first time as a sitting president.

A woman’s magazine like Glamour may not be a traditional venue for Presidential interviews, but agreeing to the interview is a mark of evolving media strategies for the 2012 election. Stephanie Cutter, a spokeswoman for the Obama campaign, described these outlets as being “equally important” to traditional political media.

Glamour pitched them on a big audience, said Washington editor Linda Kramer Jenning. “There’s a lot of attention being paid to young, women voters,” Jenning said.

Jenning said Leive asked the President about women’s health care, among other topics, even though the interview took place before the recent uproar over the antediluvian comments about rape by Missouri congressman Todd Akin.

The Obama interview is not the extent of Glamour’s political coverage. Like other magazines, it is sending staffers to report from both political conventions, so you can expect to see fair coverage on the issues that matter most to readers. WWD (Aug. 2012)