Wholesale Distribution

Product allocation management for a tumultuous sales channel.

In North America . . .

CMG recognizes that the nuts and bolts of basic distribution services are critical to single copy sales management today. To ensure the most effective, efficient product allocation under current channel conditions: Each North American wholesale distributor is serviced by a dedicated team of product allocation managers and distribution analysts who are experts in that company’s particular operations. All channel-specific retail (CSR) distributors, which provide service to specialty accounts throughout the U.S. and Canada, are managed by director-level marketing and distribution experts.

And, Abroad . . .

CMG representatives implement tailor-made marketing programs for individual titles based on knowledge of each region’s unique consumer buying patterns, distribution systems and pricing formulas. CMG global marketing activities involve timely collection, interpretation, monitoring and updating of key market data, as well.


CMG’s IMPACT Program was launched in 2002 to incentivize wholesale distributors to restore higher retail service levels, maintain full on-sale periods and spearhead improvements in business practices. Routine store-level sales data sharing and periodic marketing reviews (both requirements under IMPACT) have helped publishers to capitalize on sales opportunities. Perhaps most important, IMPACT contracts between CMG publishers and wholesalers have codified standard business practices in areas such as payments and data transmission that will be necessary pre-conditions for future trading practices like pay-on-scan or scan-based trading.

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