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Because magazines, as direct-store-delivered (DSD) merchandise, were not subjected to rigorous category management analysis by retail chains when the discipline became widespread in the 1990′s, those chains looked to CMG and others to help provide this service.

By meeting this need with unbiased, high-quality analysis, CMG has earned a position of trust among many of the nation’s largest retailers. Several CMG marketing professionals work on-site at supermarket chains, providing detailed analysis on the magazine category, while others assist retail magazine buyers on a case-by-case basis. In many more chains, across retail channels, CMG provides either on-going or intermittent magazine category consulting. In 2006, CMG was asked to serve as co-category advisors for Wal-Mart’s magazine sales. Here, improving sales efficiencies is one of the chain’s primary goals, in keeping with the retailer’s company-wide environmental sustainability initiative.

CATEGORY MANAGERSCategory Management

CMG category managers use the industry-leading’s demographic software package, Spectra Enlighten, to research store and household demographic attributes, calculate product demand indices for client titles, and create retailer store clusters & segmentation based on magazine consumer purchasing behavior. By combining the Spectra Enlighten data with chain-supplied sales information, CMG assists retailers with:

  • Product authorizations and title selection review
  • Planogram development
  • Category performance review
  • Chain, region, cluster and store-level market analyses by category and title.


People shop differently today than they did just a few years ago – splintering their dollar among a growing number of specialty retailers. CMG aggressively markets the magazine category into new retail channels, such as dollar stores and warehouse clubs, to help maintain the ubiquity that keeps magazines “top-of-mind” when consumers are shopping in stores. CMG publishers successfully introduced magazines into Costco’s new program in 2006, to cite one, noteworthy example.

CMG National Account Managers ensure that magazines follow consumer spending patterns and retain the ubiquity that keeps them “top-of-mind” when shopping in stores.

CMG sales staff regularly call on representatives of more than 2,600 retail chains in North America.


CMG is committed to bringing the best magazines to market in the most efficient and strategic manner in order to afford each title the best opportunity for success in the marketplace. Successful product launches in any retail category require advance coordination of a product’s design, marketing and distribution functions. CMG contributes in all of these areas and has orchestrated successful launches of magazines seeking mass and selective audiences in the U.S., Canada and abroad.

Since its founding, CMG has brought to market: AFAR, Culture, Disney Princess, Food Network Magazine, HGTV Magazine, Lapham’s Quarterly, Living Without, Lucky, Lucky Peach, O: The Oprah Magazine, Science Illustrated and Teen Vogue among others.

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