Reading Entertainment Zone

Innovations in category adjacencies, fixturing, and assortment management.

Since 2004, CMG has spearheaded an effort to design a new reading center for supermarket chains with the power to transform magazines from a “convenience” to a “destination” category. The need was obvious with each additional self-scan checkout station and new product category pressuring magazines at the front end. But there was inspiration, too, in the form of the greeting cards category – which had the attractive design, lighting and excitement that traditional mainline magazine fixtures lacked.CMG worked with American Greetings (AGI) to develop the fixturing, but that is only the beginning of a comprehensive magazine program, requiring new partnerships among all members of the supply chain. CMG serves as category captain or consultant to every retail chain in the program, recommending:

  • Magazine department location
  • Department adjacencies
  • Product selection and promotions

Reading Entertainment Zone

Reading Entertainment Zone SPECS

CMG Reading Entertainment Zone fixtures feature:

  • Well-lit, promotional end caps that lead customers into the Zone, where ambient lighting highlights title assortment.
  • Large poster displays and clamshell magazine holders to feature promoted titles.
  • Spinners and cross-merchandising modules
  • Interstitial “promotional towers” that draw attention to featured titles, and add to the fixture’s overall, upscale look
  • High-quality, modular, wood-and-metal, modular construction in four-foot sections, appropriate for most any supermarket environment.
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