Field Merchandising

Protecting display; Performing advanced in-store services...

CMG merchandisers vigorously protect client title display positions and perform advanced merchandising functions beyond even what is required of our Key Distributors. These merchandisers are also trained to identify and report sales opportunities for categories and individual titles in each of the high-volume retail accounts they service. Publishers use the merchandiser force regularly or on an ad-hoc basis to:

  • Increase sales volume through display maintenance and enhancement, and for timely re-ordering of depleted stock in Supermarket, Drugstore, Discount/Dept. Store and Airport Terminal outlets.
  • Improve the results of promotions through the proper placement of displays, shelf talkers and other materials.
  • Protect against encroachment from competitive titles and other products.
  • Improve marketing efforts through data collection at the point of sale.
  • CMG’s selective use of hand-held/scanning technology by the merchandiser force is reducing data collection time from more than two weeks to one day.
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