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CMG’s service to publishers begins with client marketers – account executives or managers – who acquire deep knowledge about their titles’ niches, brand personalities and competitive sets. They are charged with deploying CMG’s analytical, field sales and ancillary services in support of these titles’ agreed-upon marketing plans.

CMG client service is based upon a trust of partnership, as evidenced by:

  • Sales reporting transparency. CMG marketers and their client contacts have the same access to the same data, at the same time.
  • Detailed work commitments and title-specific marketing plans. Targeted distributions are performed for each title.
  • Regular scorecarding or tracking throughout a client’s term of service.
  • The industry’s lowest title-per-marketer ratio.


The expertise of CMG client marketers is augmented by a Consumer Insights & Analytics team that enables publishers to evaluate newsstand sales as a component of their total circulation. These statisticians and market researchers help publishers to:

  • Identify newsstand “break-even” allotment levels, factoring for revenue generated through advertising, when appropriate.
  • Compare newsstand distribution costs to the costs of various subscription sources
  • Identify sales opportunities by comparing titles to their competitive sets and by comparing their demographic profiles to the demographic profiles of various retail categories, chains, stores, etc.

In short, these specialists – equipped with reliable store-level sales data – are able to perform a full range of market research for publishers and their CMG representatives.


Presently, much of the work of CMG researchers is aimed at “Draw Optimization,” which seeks to balance supply and demand, resulting in higher sales efficiencies and print cost savings for publishers.

Draw optimization programs:

  • Direct copies from underperforming retail accounts into highly productive, or new, accounts
  • Improve publisher profitability by reducing highly inefficient distributions
  • Promote cooperation with supply chain partners by reducing costs and waste

To date, CMG’s draw optimization efforts have resulted in millions of dollars in savings for client publishers.

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