Business Intelligence

Measuring newsstand sales against other product categories and circulation sources.


CMG clients benefit from integrated systems and reporting tools to deliver a wealth of store level, magazine sales information to our marketing managers and clients. Through a data management reporting system called EDGE, users have access to a wealth of enhanced business intelligence. EDGE reporting tools provide:

  • data by title, by chain, by wholesale distributor marketing area and class of trade.
  • store-level sales data by category, competitive set, title, and range-of-sale.
  • the ability, not just to analyze sales after the fact, but to maximize them in the immediate future.


CMG is partnering with our wholesale distributors and Management Science Associates (MSA) to collect, cleanse and process electronic data feeds to help ensure the accuracy and reliability of all sales information. After this initial validation, the data is sent on to CMG’s Information Services and Marketing Analysis teams for further review and validation. The integrity of data is not only a key initiative of CMG, it is a critical component to the industry’s efforts to promote the viability and credibility of the magazine category at retail.

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