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Consumers Weigh-In on Online Subscriptions

The Neilsen Co. surveyed more than 27,000 consumers in 52 countries to find out their feelings about paying for online media subscriptions.  Movies and music top the list of services that people would be willing to pay for online, approaching 60%.  Games, professionally produced video and magazines hover around 50% and newspapers are just above… Read more »

Flooding Affects Magazine Delivery in Atlanta

Following is the unedited text of Worldcolor Logistics News Flash Issue #257 Torrential downpours have flooded the Atlanta, GA area forcing many local highways, roads and bridges to close, slowing the delivery of mail, newsstand and newspapers to the effected areas.  Although the rain has diminished for the time being, there are additional storms heading… Read more »

Prologix to Close its Nashville, TN, Distribution Center

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Amidst Drastic Drop in Traffic, Airports Cut Back…

Plans for new terminals are being scrapped in favor of renovations, and just about any capital project that can be put off — whether for new gates, taxiways, roads or lights — is getting the red light.  “At the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport, passengers are so scarce that a long-term parking lot will soon be… Read more »

QWL Report: Weather Affecting Deliveries in North Dakota

An April 1, 2009, News Flash (#248) from Quebecor World Logistics follows in its entirety. Blizzards and Flooding in North Dakota Affecting Delivery Blizzards tormented an already flooded North Dakota over the weekend, slowing the delivery of mail, newsstand and newspapers to most of the state. Although the snow storms seem to be decreasing in… Read more »

SI Swimsuit Issue to Premiere on Letterman Show

For the second, consecutive year, the cover — and cover model — of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue will be unveiled on The Late Show with David Letterman.  The cover will be revealed on next Monday’s program and the cover model will appear for an interview with Dave next Wednesday. (Feb. 4, 2009)

Once Unimaginable but Now True: Condé Nast Tightens its Belt

Long celebrated believers in the business maxim that you have to spend money to make money, Condé Nast is showing a new, thriftier side.  Amazed NYT media columnist David Carr writes that if he spots Anna Wintour taking the subway, he will immediately head “…into the bunker with lots of water and canned food.”  The… Read more »