New Penny Puzzle Magazine

Penny Publications is delighted to bring you a new collection of Jumble puzzles.  The new title, Jumble, will be on sale monthly beginning December 11, 2012.  “Jumble: That Scrambled Word Game” was launched in newspapers in June 1954 and quickly became a leading word puzzle and has kept it’s position at the top ever since.

Doctor Who Wins TV Guide's Fan Favorite

Congratulations, Whovians!  Fan votes have landed the 50-year-old series, Doctor Who, on the cover of TV Guide for the first time ever for the magazine’s annual Fan Favorite competition!  The good doctor beat out some tough competitors, like The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars.  Flip this special double-issue over to see the touching tribute to Dallas’ Larry Hagman.

CR Electronics Buying Guide

If you’re planning on purchasing any electronics this holiday season, make sure you grab a copy of CR Electronics Buying Guide.  Find out which products rank among their Best & Worst with 790 brand-name products being tested.  Get advice on buying TVs, tablets, smart phones, laptops, printers, and more.

Taste of Home Cookies & Candies

The holiday season is a time for being with family and remembering years past.  And cookies seem to bring back those sweet memories with just one bite. In this brand new edition of Best-Loved Cookies and Candies, you’ll find 150 treasured family recipes for all your holiday treats, like spritz cookies, cutouts, drop cookies sandwich cookies, fudge, no-bake cookies and more!

Taste of Home Holidays

In this collection of 235 treasured family recipes, you’ll find the most-requested recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, all shared by Taste of Home’s unique community of home cooks.  You’ll find recipe after recipe of make-ahead appetizers, unforgettable dishes from sides to desserts, and heartfelt gifts from the kitchen.

Consumer Reports Annual Electronics Issue

The Annual CR Electronics Issue features ratings and reviews of more than 600 of the hottest products on the market, including tablets, laptops, smart phones, e-readers, printers, digital cameras, headphones, blu-ray players, and home-theater systems.  The experts down at Consumer Reports have widdled down all the products they tested to a short list of ten standout products.  Among them, an Android smart phone champion, a 58-inch LCD HDTV, and a fully-loaded lightweight digital camera.  Pick up this issue to find out what else made the cut.

Save Big with ShopSmart

Interested in saving some money?  Who isn’t?  With ShopSmart, you’ll learn new ways to save, how to get the most out of products, and tons more helpful tips.

Like this one in the November issue: Many credit card users could be saving hundreds, or even thousands of dollars by using their plastic, but they just don’t know how.  ShopSmart highlights seven lesser-known credit card benefits most people don’t even know about, including partner discounts, extra product warranties, additional cash back, and more!

ShopSmart also wants to keep you safe and healthy.  In this issue, they uncover Hidden Hazards in Everyday Products and Cooking Habits That Can Harm Your Health.

Be sure to pick up the November ShopSmart for the best deals and advice around.

Makeover Your Kitchen

In the CR Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide, you’ll get expert buying advice and product ratings from the trusted testers at Consumer Reports.  Discover how to get a kitchen that looks as great as it works!  Whether you’re updating your present kitchen or building one from the ground up, you’ll find this guide invaluable!

The December 2012 Special Issue will feature:
Beautiful full-color layouts
High-end looks for less
202 Top Tested Products
10 Ways to Clear Clutter
Best and Worst Stores & Brands
Small Kitchen Solutions
Easy DIY Weekend Makeovers

Businessweek Asks "Are You Better Off Today…"

In a new, special edition “Election Issue”, Bloomberg Businessweek, poses and seeks to answer Reagan’s famous question: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

“There was an era in politics when you were entitled to facts.  That has eroded over the last four years,” said Josh Tyrangiel, editor of Bloomgberg Businessweek.  “Our job is to restore those facts.”

Known for its creative presentation of economic data, the magazine gives you 72 pages of charts, graphs, images, articles and straight facts for the 2012 election.

Consumer Reports Picks Best Products of the Year

Consider this the ultimate buyer’s cheat sheet!  Consumer Reports’ secret shoppers bought the best electronics, appliances, cars, and other products available this year and let their testers, engineers, and scientists put them through a battery of grueling tests.  What they were left with is 475 of the Best Products of the Year!  They ran up a whopping bill of $4.1 million in testing products, so nothing was left un-tested.

All the products they recommend performed well in their labs and met brand reliability standards.  They include products for all budgets, so if you can’t spring for top of the line this year, you can still buy confidently.

So whether you’re in the market for a new e-reader, coffee maker, vacuum, or just a bottle of white wine, don’t enter the shopping aisles without this at your finger tips.