Marvel Comics Making Original Issues Available on the Web…

…And hoping to charge up to $9.99 a month for access to them. The new service, launched today, may represent the comic industry’s boldest web play to date. It was taken, according to one Marvel exec, in recognition that kids just aren’t exposed ot that spinning rack of comics in the five-and-dime store the way they used to be. Associated Press (Nov. 13, 2007)

Premiere Jumps on the “Name-Your-Own-Price” Bandwagon

Radiohead used the promotion for their latest CD, last month. Paste magazine followed, and now it’s Premiere’s turn, although Peter Sprague, president of Premier parent Gearhead Communications, points out that his magazine’s plans to follow Radiohead were in the works before the Paste promotion was announced. Folio: (Nov. 13, 2007)

TV Guide to License Listings Grids to Newspapers and

As part of an “aggressive move to syndicate content,” TV Guide yesterday announced agreements with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and, giving those media outlets rights to use the TV Guide-branded listings grid, plus selected other editorial content. Folio: (Nov. 12, 2007)

Capell Issues 5-Year Category Analysis

Dan Capell has analysed the last five years of ABC Publisher Statements, and given his subscribers an overview of category trends.  Eleven editorial categories are up, twelve down.  Total paid and verified circulation is down 4% for the period.  Here are a few of his findings.  Total circ in the smallest category, Art and Antiques, and one of the largest, Automotive, are both down 17% for the period.  Computers are crashing — down 27%.  And News-weeklies are also down, by 21%, although those commenting on the news, Political/Social titles, registered a 16% gain.  Among the other categories posting gains were: Boating (7%), Sports (6%) and Teen (3%).  The circulation of four categories was flat for the five years.  One of those was Entertainment, which turned in schizophrenic results.  The tabloid National Enquirer was down 37%, while celebrity weeklies thrived.  US Weekly gained 64%.  Canadian titles, overall, were off by 5% over five years.  Key findings for all 47 Standard Rate and Data editorial categories are available in the latest CCR.

Capell’s Circulation Report (Nov. 12, 2007)  Subscription required; unavailable online.